In a Jam, Kodak Stops Selling Inkjet Printers

You knew this was coming sooner or later. Kodak has been winding down its businesses and has finally gotten around to its consumer inkjet printers, which were popular (but not popular enough) for using long-lasting ink cartridges. Kodak plans to continue selling those ink cartridges long after it officially shuts down the inkjet printer business in 2013.

Kodak Will Stop Selling Printers In 2013

Kodak isn’t the only one departing the inkjet printer arena. Lexmark has also announced plans to stop selling its inkjet printers. That leaves Epson and HP with some elbow room in the market, though it’s not an appealing market to most, right now. Inkjet printers are selling at stunningly low prices (and ink at irritatingly high prices) as manufacturers play the razor game: sell the razor cheap, but hike up the price of blades. It’s a tough business to be in.