Imgur Pro’s Unlimited Photo Storage And Tools Now Free For Everyone

Imgur, one of the most popular photo sharing sites on the web and home to countless memes, just made its "Pro" membership tier free for everyone. Prior to the price tag removal, gaining access to the site's handful of Pro tools and perks would run just shy of $3 per month, or at a discounted rate of $24 per year if paid in full.

"On Imgur’s first birthday, we announced Imgur Pro, a paid account that gave users the ability to support their favorite image sharer while getting some cool extra features in return. Today, we celebrate Imgur’s sixth year, and we’ve decided that you’re the one who deserves a gift. We’re phasing out Pro subscriptions…and making the Pro features completely free for every Imgur user," Imgur stated in a blog post.


Perks that were previously only available to Pro members include:
  • Store an unlimited number of images in your account
  • Receive multiple thumbnail options on all uploads
  • Access complete image analytics and referrer data
  • Manage, edit or delete any uploaded image at any time
  • Interact with the awesome Imgur community through commenting, voting and sharing

Wondering what the catch is? You're right to be slightly skeptical -- while the Pro level benefits are now free for everyone, they now come with ads, the removal of which was previously a benefit of being a member. Now there's no way to get rid of them. That's a bummer for existing Pro members, but obviously won't be an issue for scores of free users who were already viewing ads.

There's also a change to the file size limit. Imgur Pro users had been able to host images up to 10MB in size while free users were restricted to 5MB. Now everyone is capped at 5MB, save for animated GIFs, which can be up to 200MB in size. The size limit for videos remains at 1GB.