Imation Announces First NAS Appliances

Digital storage company Imation is adding NAS appliances to its portfolio, according to a Computerworld report. Appliances are in the InfiniVault or DataGuard lines, both of which Imation acquired when the company bought ProStor Systems’s assets in August.

InfiniVault is a tiered storage system that uses fixed RAID and RDX removable HDDs to handle digital content; disks can be removed and used off site or stored for archival purposes. The appliance will run the VaultCenter software. Assuming the DataGuard product line mantle, the other appliance is designed for on site backup and cloud infrastructure support.

Both appliances will be available in rack-mountable 3U servers that can handle up to 100 disks (RDX or 2.5-inch drives) and 120TB capacity.

According to the article, the InfiniVault appliance will cost $15,000, but there’s no word yet on the DataGuard appliance, which should ship early next year.