I'm Having A ‘Twitter Moment’, You Can Too

a lot of twitters
Can you spare a moment? How about a Twitter moment? The social media giant has updated “Moments”, a tool that helps to curate collections of tweets centered around specific subjects.

Andrew Fitzgerald, Twitter’s, Global Curation Lead, remarked, “We think it's a really great way for new users to Twitter, users who haven't built that perfect home timeline yet, for them to be able to understand and appreciate all the incredible things that are happening on Twitter.”

Twitter Moments first launched a year ago, but did not initially receive a positive response. A blue dot would appear on the Moment’s tab whenever it had been updated. Twitter users were accustomed to tapping a blue dot to view their notifications and home tab. They were annoyed that Twitter had chosen to use the same mechanism for the Moments tab, since many kept accidentally pressing on it.

Twitter Moments was also initially open to only a few select companies and individuals. The company continued to add more partners and sponsored Moments throughout this last year. Moments is now officially open to everyone. Users will now be able to click on their Moments tab and select “Create new Moment”. It is currently unclear how Twitter will display the new content. Most Twitter users are hoping that the blue dot will not make another appearance. 

It is also uncertain what sort of impact the newly-launched Moments will have on Twitter. Perhaps Moment’s new design and wider availability will impact users’ engagement with the app.

Fitzgerald added, “We think of Moments as an extension of content discovery on Twitter, beyond the search function.” Twitter’s Moments will begin rolling out over the next few days.