iLuv Ships iMM183 Dual Dock iPod/iPhone Alarm Clock

iLuv has been making iPod and iPhone alarm clocks for as long as we can remember, and so far as we know, they are about the best you can buy. The new iMM183 is taking things to the next level by being the world's first dual dock alarm clock with a weather radio. That's a lot of functionality in a small device, and if you've been looking for a great excuse to replace that aging alarm clock that has been beeping at your for decades, this is it.

The advanced clock is designed to hold and charge up to two iPods and iPhones (with dock connectors), and it can be programmed to set off multiple alarms that play songs or stations from whatever iPod/iPhone you select. In other words, you and your spouse can have your own alarm times setup, with each of you waking to a different song. Of course, the person who gets up last has to listen to both alarms, but that's the breaks for getting to sleep in!

The device is also equipped with a NOAA/S.A.M.E Weather Hazard Alert, so you'll be informed if some sort of awful storm is headed your way. It's available now for $149.99, and while that's definitely pricey for an alarm clock, the built-in speakers makes this a fine bedroom stereo system as well.

iLuv Announces the Availability of the iMM183, the World’s First Hi-Fi Dual Dock Alarm Clock with NOAA/S.A.M.E Weather Hazard Alert

iLuv brings entertainment options with severe weather warnings to your bedside for iPhone 3GS, iPhone3G  and iPod lovers

PORT WASHINGTON, NY – (October 29, 2009) - iLuv, the leader in innovative audio solutions, is proud to announce the availability of the iMM183 Hi-Fi Dual Dock Alarm Clock with NOA/S.A.M.E Weather Hazard Alert, a CES 2009 Best of Innovations Honoree, to iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod fans. The digital dual alarm clock brings rich sound combined with dual dock options and a Weather Band Radio with NOAA emergency alert system to your bedside for $149.99 MSRP at

 “iLuv is very happy to present an iPhone 3GS compatible Hi-Fi Dual Dock Alarm Clock that brings bedside music entertainment and wake options combined with a safety alert system to warn you during severe weather ” said Howard Kim, iLuv Marketing Manager. “We are confident that the iMM183 will bring the extra sense of safety to users in severe weather areas along with twice the entertainment and wake options.”


iMM183: Hi-Fi Dual Alarm Clock Radio

with NOAA / S.A.M.E Weather Hazard Alert

Features Include:

Weather Band Radio with Alert System

·        Digital SAME Technology provides localized weather warnings

·        Pre-programmed NOAA-supported channels

·        Store up to 10 alert messages

·        LED warning indicator

·        No reception warning if no reception is present for 10 days



·        Two iPhone and/or iPod docks let you charge up to two iPhone and/or iPod at once

·        Both docks are fully compatible with iPhone 3GS (Works with iPhone)

·        Treble / Bass control

·        Enjoy rich sound from your iPhone or iPod with jAura acoustic speaker technology

·        Choose and play any one of two docked iPhone or iPod

·        Integrated universal dock for your iPhone or iPod

·        Browse and control iPhone or iPod menu with remote control


Digital Dual Alarm Clock

·        Large easy to read digital clock display with dual alarm clock and LCD 8 level dimmer control

·        Time Sync function synchronizes time from your iPhone or iPod

·        Wake or sleep to iPhone or iPod, radio, or buzzer

·        Auxiliary line input for any audio devices with 3.5mm jack



·        FM stereo

·        PLL tuning digital tuning technology

·        Programmable presets for 6 FM radio stations

Compatible with iPod: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod touch 2nd generation, iPod nano 4th generation, iPod touch, iPod Nano 3rd generation, iPod classic, iPod Nano 2nd generation, iPod with video, iPod Nano 1st generation, iPod 4th generation, iPod mini

For more information on product specifications as well as pricing and availability please visit

About SAME technology: SAME, or Specific Alert Message Encoding allows you to specify the particular area for which you wish to receive alerts. Since most NWR transmitters are broadcasting for a number of counties, SAME receivers will respond only to alerts issued for the area (or areas) you have selected. This minimizes the number of “false alarms” for events which might be a few counties away from where you live.

About NOAA:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a federal agency focused on the condition of the oceans and the atmosphere. Weather alerts and information featured on this product are provided by the National Weather Service (NWS), a divisional agency of the NOAA.