Here’s Why IFTTT Cautions Nest Users Not To Migrate Their Accounts To Google

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If you own a Nest device, IFTTT has a word of warning: do not migrate your Nest account over to Google unless you are fine with irreversibly disconnecting IFTTT and other 'Works with Nest' integrations. The reason is because Google is discontinuing the Works with Nest program, but still allowing functionality with some third-party applets.

That was not always going to be the case. However, Google responded to the "avid feedback" among users, according to IFTTT, and created a path for current Nest users to keep their applets functioning, including IFTTT.

"At IFTTT, we believe that every thing works better together and we will continue to advocate for your ownership over how the products, apps, and services that fill your life can be connected, secured, and controlled," IFTTT said.

The company also warns users not to disconnect Nest from IFTTT after August 31. Even though a user might not have migrated their account to Google, they will not be able to reconnect their Next device to IFTTT after disconnecting it, starting in September.

Naturally, Google "strongly recommends" migrating over, though the step is entirely optional. From Google's vantage point, the Works with Nest program is outdated, as the connected home has evolved since the program was created in 2014.

"Moving forward, our team will focus on delivering a single consumer and developer experience through the Works with Google Assistant program—a one-stop shop to enable rich cross-product integrations and build a more helpful home. Google Assistant works with over 3,500 home automation brands and more than 30,000 devices, providing key benefits," Google says.

In other words, Google is looking to offer the same functionality as third-party applets, but through the Google Assistant. IFTTT is highly flexible, though, and it is understandable why some users opposed Google's decision to abandon the Works with Nest program. Fortunately, those users now have a way of retaining IFTTT support.