If We Get Rid Of The Refrigerator, We Can Play Gran Tourismo For Six Hours

A Playstation 3 isn't cheap to buy. But your friends down at HotHardware thought we'd research what it costs to run it, too. We visited Sust-It, a website that helps people choose energy efficient appliances in Great Britain. A Playstation 3 uses 380 watts of power while it's running! That's more than twice the power consumption on an X-Box 360. It's 22 times the power consumption of Nintendo's Wii. It's about the same as a frost-free refrigerator. The stated yearly cost of 47.69 Pounds translates to $92.14 per year for electricity.

I've been told that many people also hook these device up to television sets. These may require power as well; further research is necessary. In the meantime, We suggest you unplug your refrigerator and keep playing.


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