IDG Folds PCWorld's Paper Magazine Business, Goes Digital Only

Fancy yourself a collector of memorabilia? If so, be sure to grab the current August issue of PCWorld, as it will be the last ever in print format. After three decades in print, publisher IDG decided it was time to go all-in with digital, which is the only format PCWorld will be available in from this point forward.

PCWorld currently has 339,000 print subscribers, all of which are welcome to register online to receive the digital version of the title. In addition, IDG said that no staff will be impacted by the transition to digital, which is only for the U.S. edition of the magazine.

PCWorld Digital

"Both technology users and marketers have led the way in the shift from print to online and our decision to end 30 years of PCWorld print publications reflects their preferences," said Bob Carrigan, CEO, IDG Communications in a prepared statement. "PCWorld colleagues in the U.S. will now focus on innovative digital-first editions featuring interactive multimedia presented in high resolution."

IDG's decision to leave print behind is becoming a common one in this day and age of the Internet, especially as mobile devices like tablets and smartphones have become so prominent. A major upside to digital is that the content is always fresh, especially for breaking stories.