iCloud Communications Sues Apple For Using Name Without Permission

Well, this isn't too surprising. Just days after Apple introduced their iCloud service suite at WWDC 2011, iCloud Communications has voiced a serious complaint. In the form of a lawsuit. iCloud Communications is an Arizona-based company involved in computer communications, and of course, the company's claiming that Apple didn't seek out the proper licensing rights before using the iCloud name.

Those who have followed Apple's ways may remember that Cisco (yes, the networking giant) had some serious issues with Apple using iPhone way back when, as Cisco actually had a product by that same name well before Apple's famed phone. The suit here was filed in the US District Court of AZ, and they're claiming that Apple's illegal use could harm their business. They're asking that Apple stop using the iCloud name and do away with all labels, signs, prints, insignia, letterhead, brochures, business cards, invoices and any other written or recorded material or advertisements that use the name.

That's asking a lot, and it's not likely to happen, not without a fight. Obviously, they really want Apple to pony up major bucks for using the name, and in all likelihood, that's exactly what will happen. Apple definitely isn't going to give up the iCloud name after using it so heavily at WWDC, so there's really only one option left: give iCloud Communications whatever they want. Must be nice to be in that company's shoes!