ICE Expands Its Child Predator-Catching App To Increase Public Outreach

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcements (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations announced that it has expanded its Operation Predator app to help increase the app’s public outreach and provide additional resources.

Designed to locate child predators, the app was made available on Apple products back in September 2013. Within 36 hours of its release, the application assisted HSI special agents in arresting a suspect. With the latest version of the app, ICE is hoping that it will locate child predators and rescue the victims even more.

"This app is one piece of our commitment to ensuring child predators have absolutely nowhere to hide," said Acting ICE Director Thomas Winkowski.

Image Source: ICE

The latest update of the Operation Predator app includes a Spanish version for iOS and Android applications. The app lets users receive alerts on their smartphones about wanted predators, share information through email and social media tools, provide information to the HSI either by calling or submitting an online tip, and view news regarding the arrest and prosecution of child predators.

The application is just one part of the HSI-led Operation Predator, an international initiative that seeks to protect children from sexual predators. Since 2003, the HSI has arrested over 10,000 individuals in relation to crimes against children. These crimes include producing and distributing child pornography online, sex trafficking of children, and for traveling overseas for child sex.