iBuyPower's Chimera XLC Desktop To Ship With Liquid Cooling

Loads of PC makers were here at CES this week introducing new products, and iBuyPower simply couldn't let the opportunity pass them by to jump in on the fun. The company's Chimera XLC debuted at the show, which marks the 3rd generation of this machine. It's also the first to feature the company's XLC (Extreme Liquid Cooling) package, necessary to keep the temperatures down while the action gets going.

It's housed in the NZXT Phantom gaming case, which has room for up to seven fans, and the customizable case can also house up to 24GB of memory, triple-SLI graphics and up to seven hard drives. The machine will be on sale later this month with prices starting at $1099, but oddly, no mention is made of what kind of CPUs we can expect. We're guessing it'll be high-end Core i5 and Core i7 options, but we'll have to wait and see, we suppose.

iBUYPOWER to Debut Chimera XLC at CES 2011
Comes see Chimera XLC at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
Suite #28236

El Monte, CA – January 5, 2011 – iBUYPOWER, a leading innovator in gaming PCs, is excited to debut the Chimera XLC gaming system at CES 2011 at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Chimera XLC marks the third generation of iBUYPOWER’s signature gaming line inspired by the mythical fire-breathing beast.    It is the first to feature the company’s XLC (Extreme Liquid Cooling) package.

“The Chimera has been one of our most successful product lines to date, and has quickly become iBUYPOWER’s signature system,” said Darren Su, Executive Vice President of iBUYPOWER. “We felt offering an XLC version of the Chimera was the next logical step in the evolution of our flagship line.”

Housed in the NZXT Phantom gaming case, the Chimera XLC offers gamers extensive cooling capabilities, which include room for up to 7 fans - dual 200mm, single 230/200mm, triple 120mm and a front 140mm fans.   The fully customizable case can also house up to 24GB of memory, triple SLI/crossfire graphics cards up to 7 hard drives with SSD support.

The Chimera XLC will be available later this month at www.iBUYPOWER.com and starts at $1,099.


iBUYPOWER Computer, an enterprise in association with American Future Technology Corporation (AFT), is one of the largest system builders in the PC gaming industry.  Located in Los Angeles County, iBUYPOWER's mission is to provide a complete computing solution to meet the needs of the surrounding community and customers nationwide. Currently, the company's product lines include gaming desktops, gaming notebooks, workstations, media center PCs, peripherals and multimedia products. www.iBUYPOWER.com.
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