iBuyPower Offers Radeon HD 6990 In High-End Desktop Configs

A new GPU comes out, and PC makers jump at the chance to offer it in their systems. It's a cycle that we have become all too familiar with, but we can't complain. At least we aren't stuck waiting for outfits like iBuyPower to get their integration tactics in gear. Instead, the company has decided to offer the new AMD Radeon HD 6990 in their high-end desktops, providing those with lots of cash support for up to six displays, crazy frames per second and more graphical horsepower than they'll be able to take advantage of in the coming months.

Specifics depend on what kind of machine you build, but you can bet this new Radeon won't be cheap. If you'd like to venture over and take a look, their website's waiting for you. Just make sure it's okay to splurge on your next impulse buy...

iBUYPOWER Announces Availability of AMD Radeon HD 6990 Graphics Card in all New Systems

Dual GPU card is the fastest ever and can support up to 6 displays

El Monte, CA – March 08, 2011 – iBUYPOWER, a leading innovator in gaming PCs, is proud to announce the availability of the fastest graphics card ever in all of its gaming systems – AMD Radeon HD 6990.   The new card provides iBUYPOWER gamers with multiple viewing options, including the power to support up to 6 displays in jaw dropping 3x2 landscape setting.

“Delivering exceptional graphics is vital to our gaming customers,” said Darren Su, Vice President of iBUYPOWER.  “The AMD Radeon 6990 cards are the fastest ever and allow us to offer smooth, crystal clear graphics on a larger scale than ever before.”

Other key improvements delivered by the new Radeon 6990 include, AMD’s PowerTune feature to maximize game clocking speeds, real-time workload management, and a stunning new Eyefinity 5X1 Portrait mode.

Customers with more specific gaming needs can configure a fully customizable gaming PC at iBUYPOWER.com.  All iBUYPOWER systems come standard with 1 year limited warranty and lifetime technical support.

Follow iBUYPOWER at facebook.com/iBUYPOWERPC for the latest news on all of iBUYPOWER’s award winning systems.  The company is currently giving away gear on Facebook for every 200th fans that joins the community. 
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