iBottle: iPhone Owners No Longer Need Separate Bottle Openers

Android, iOS and yes, even Windows Phone 7 devices have been labeled app phones instead of smartphones, because there'a an app for just about anything. There are also cases for just about anything, as demonstrated by this iPhone case that's also a bottle opener.

It's called the iBottle opener protective case, and it sells for 19.95. The 3G / 3GS version is available now. According to the site, the iPhone 4 model will ship on Jan. 14.

Of course, as we've heard, the iPhone 4's glass back can shatter if dropped, or even if it is scratched by trapped particulate matter under a case. It's also more susceptible to physical damage, according to SquareTrade, so we hope the iPhone 4 version of the iBottle opener case is well tested before release.

Where's the Swiss Army Knife version of the case?  You can watch a video of it in action below.

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