IBM unveils Lotus Notes 8

Version 8 of Lotus Notes and Domino was released today by IBM.  As well as new features, a major focus of the latest release is the modernization of the user interface, which some claim has been stuck in the Stone Age, and which has annoyed users to the point that Notes anti-fan sites have been created.
The changes are the result of building the Version 8 client on top of the company's Eclipse-based rich client platform, according to IBM officials.

Version 8 represents IBM's strategy to create client interfaces built on a common platform. This will allow components of any client application to be provisioned and managed centrally, said Barton Group analyst Karen Hobert.
It's doubtful that any Exchange users will move to Domino because of the new release, but there are still many Notes and Domino users in the world, and the new UI is bound to make them happier.  Software is shipping now; suggested retail pricing starts at $101 per client for Notes 8 and $73 per user for the company's Domino Web Access software, a browser-based alternative to the full e-mail client.