IBM predicts electronics sales to rise this summer

The retail sales of electronics and appliances this summer should have a modest increase over last year, according to IBM's analytics-based forecast.

The sales are predicted to increase 4 percent - $953 million - in June, July and August.




3-month total

2009 (actual)





2010 (forecast)





IBM produced the forecast using "statistical and analytical software" that looks at long-term sales trends and seasonal peaks.

The data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau's survey of retailers whose primary business is the sale of electronics and appliances - that includes, among other things, televisions, cell phones, computers, radios/stereos, refridgerators, dishwashers and ovens.

"Retailing is an extremely dynamic industry, affected by powerful factors ranging from the economy to fast-moving trends," said Michael Haydock, Partner, Business Analytics and Optimization Services, IBM Global Business Services.  "Analytics give retailers a window into the future that enables them to make better decisions, increase return on investment and provide customers with the products they want."

A variety of factors probably are contributing to the slim upward trend: the continued popularity of the iPad and smartphones such as Android and iPhones, the fact that eventually people need to replace certain appliances and occasional bursts of good (or, at least, not horrible) economic news, such as slowing job losses.