IBM Offers 100% Primary Health Care Coverage For US Employees: Who's Next?

IBM is well known for creating some pretty radical devices and solutions. From supercomputers to improvements in business efficiency, IBM is credited with doing a whole lot in the business/tech world. Unfortunately, it also had to lay off thousands of workers earlier this year as the economy declined, but as things pick back up, the company is looking to set a precendent. Or at least generate favor with the employees that are left.

Starting in 2010, IBM will provide its US employees with 100% coverage of primary health care. Read that again. Now, wonder why your employer isn't doing the same. As the US government goes back and forth with its "public option," IBM is doing what every other major corporation should've done years ago: it's taking care of things on its own. The deal really is as sweet as it sounds, too.

There will be no coinsurance or deductible for in-network primary care with their internist, family practitioner, pediatrician, general practitioner or primary osteopath. Of course, IBM isn't the only company in the US to cover primary care at 100%, but it's easily the most visable to do it. IBM is a company that demands attention in the tech world and on Wall Street, so it makes sense that people are looking at this and expecting change elsewhere.

As if this wasn't enough, the outfit is also announcing a new wellness incentive for employees to encourage changes in lifestyle to build energy, better health and vitality through all aspects of personal well-being -- emotional, mental and physical. Starting soon, this will be one of five $150 rebates offered to full-time IBM employees in the US.

So, wondering if IBM is hiring?

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