IBM Finds A Way To Double CPU Cooling

In recent months the computing industry has shown a trend of moving away from making ultra-fast CPUs despite the heat (and thus fan noise) generated, to seeking more energy efficient chips. Just imagine what the chips of today would be like if they generated half the heat.

Now for the OCers out there, just imagine how far your water-cooling solutions will go if this ever hits the mainstream.

"According to a new paper released at the IEEE Semi-Therm conference, IBM has discovered a way to dramatically improve processor cooling. Unlike some other recent cooling breakthroughs, IBM's discovery appears to be one that should be relatively inexpensive to implement, and could have a significant impact on consumer microprocessors in the near future. Without fundamentally changing the approach to CPU cooling today and without the use of more advanced setups like water coolers, IBM says that they can double CPU cooling capacity while making it easier and safer to do so."