I Have Seen The Future - And It's OLED

Sony will offer an ultra-thin flat television starting in December in Japan. It's the first to use the spiffy new organic organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology. It's not cheap for what you get: only 11" at around $1740.00, but OLEDs are wafer thin, use much less power than LEDs or plasma, and are great at displaying fast moving images without ghosting.

It is technologically difficult at the moment to make larger panels, limiting the appeal of the otherwise promising next-generation television.

Panasonic maker Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd is offering 103-inch plasma TVs, while the main battle ground for LCD TV makers are moving up to the 40-inch class market from the 30-inch class category.

An 11-inch panel is smaller than regular copier paper used in office.

"I don't think OLED TVs will replace LCD TVs overnight. But I do believe this is a type of technology with very high potential, something that will come after LCD TVs," Sony Executive Deputy President Katsumi Ihara told reporters.

Sony's not making any money on the first run of OLEDs, and only expects to sell a couple of thousand of them a month. But low power consumption is the future. OLED will rule it.

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