I Can Remember Two Things

The world's a dangerous place. Lots of bad people want to steal your stuff. They especially want to  steal the money you've got to buy that stuff. Some of the more sophisticated hoodlums know more than the security experts at the bank do about how your sensitive information is handled and stored. All of them know more than me about it. What to do about it? Maybe the ID Vault is the way to go:

ID Vault is a USB security token with an embedded smart card chip. To access your financial accounts with ID Vault you need two-factors; you need your ID Vault PIN (something you know), and you need your ID Vault itself (something you have). If a thief steals your ID Vault, they can't use it without your PIN. If a thief steals your ID Vault PIN, they can't use it without having your ID Vault. ID Vault is available for you to use now - don't wait for your financial institution to give you a security token (you're not waiting for your bank to give you a shredder!). Furthermore, ID Vault works with virtually all financial institutions - one device gives you secure access to all your accounts (you don't want a separate security token for each of your online accounts!). With ID Vault, you can take control of your online security.

I'm tired of keeping track of dozens of login names and security pins. I'm tired of worrying about keystroke stealers and phishing and pharming scams. I'm pretty sure I can remember one password, and where I put one USB drive. That's it, I'm buying one.

Now where did I put my wallet?

The ID Vault


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