Hypersonic PC Ships Their Final Gaming Rig

Hypersonic PC used to be regarded as one of the most well-respected PC builders in the world, up there with the likes on Alienware, Falcon Northwest and Voodoo. Now, they're just a distant memory. OCZ Technology, the parent company of Hypersonic, has recently made the tough decision to shut down the operation, leaving hardcore PC gamers one less option when it comes time to shop for a new custom built machine.

According to a brief blurb on Hypersonic's website, it's all over for the company, but existing owners will still be taken care of when it comes to warranties.  Here's the exact quote: "At this time Hypersonic-PC is not accepting any orders. We are honoring all warranties and will continue to support existing customers. All customers that currently own a Hypersonic branded PC or Notebook can contact the following numbers for direct product support."

Their phone lines are still staying open, but no new orders will be accepted. Alex Mei, OCZ's Executive VP and CMO, had this to say about the shut down: "We are focusing all our resources on SSD, PSU and Memory and our SI business really didn’t fit into the spectrum of things. While we are ceasing marketing and sales efforts for Hypersonic we are still taking care of all customers that have Hypersonic product, all their full warranties are still good and we are making sure that everyone that purchased a Hypersonic solution is taken care of."

Fareqwell, Hypersonic. It feels like we barely knew you.