HyperMac Extends MacBook Battery Life

Most laptops could use a little more staying power. Recognizing this, Sanho Electronics created the new HyperMac external power pack that can provide any of Apple’s MacBook notebooks with up to 32 hours of continuous life.

Billed as the world's first and only external battery and car charger that works with all MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air models, the HyperMac battery is available in four different capacities: 60 watt hours, 100 watt hours, 150 watt hours, and 222 watt hours. Each model comes with a cable for connecting to the MacBook’s MagSafe charging port. For power on the road, HyperMac can power and recharge the MacBook directly from your car’s cigarette lighter.

Apple doesn’t license the MagSafe plug to third-party vendors, so Sanho Electronics makes its own connector by splicing Apple's MagSafe connectors on cables that connect to the HyperMac's DC power out port. The HyperMac External Battery also has a USB port so you can power any USB device simultaneously. You can check the battery level of the HyperMac at any time using the built-in 4-stage lighted LED indicator.

HyperMac’s batteries are due to ship later this month for prices starting at $200 for the 60Wh model. As you can see from the HyperMac claims below, you can get quite a bit of extra battery life out of the battery, depending on which model of MacBook and which model of battery you are using.