Hurrah For The Beer Keyboard!

Want to know what we love about the concept of a beer keyboard? Absolutely everything! Sure, they make an unlikely couple, but don't tell that to the folks at Robofun who went out and actually built a working keyboard out of beer cans and other parts.

"Yup, we’re talking about a keyboard that has beer cans instead of keys. All you have to do to use it is to gently touch a beer can. It behaves exactly as a regular keyboard (e.g. you can plug it in any computer or laptop)," the developers explain.

Even if you haven't acquired a taste for the working man's nectar, you have to admit, the contraption is pretty awesome. It consists of 40 beer cans connected to an Arduino powered touch-capacitive controller in the mold of an oversized keyboard. To demonstrate the device at Webstock 2012, Robofun linked it to a plasma display using a Raspberry Pi device.

Beer Keyboard

Robofun devised a contest that required users to enter their email address for a chance to win a trip to Prague. As they punched in their addys, you can hear what sounds like a beer can being opened with each key press. Not even the best mechanical keyboards can do that!