Hulu Plus App Arrives Fashionably Late to the Chromecast Party

There was already a lot to like about Google's Chromecast device (check out our review), a $35 dongle that you plug into your big screen TV's HDMI port for streaming fun, and now it's even better. That's because Google and Hulu have been working together to build a Hulu Plus app for Chromecast, and that app is now available to download from Google Play (Android) and iTunes (iOS), Hulu announced in a blog post.

"For owners of a Chromecast device, the Hulu Plus app on your phone or tablet makes it easy to control Hulu Plus on your TV. Just fire up the Hulu Plus app on your mobile device, connect to Chromecast and start watching," Hulu said. "A simple tap on your mobile device screen allows you to scroll through and watch all your favorite TV shows."

Hulu Plus Chromecast

The app essentially transforms your Android or iOS device into a custom remote control for Hulu Plus for Chromecast. Basic functions are there, such as play/pause and the 10-second rewind feature, but you can also enable captions or jump straight to your favorite TV moment.

In addition, Hulu says you can browse the Hulu Plus app while casting a video on your TV at the same time. What the means for TV buffs and hardcore couch potatoes is the ability to watch a show while loading up a queue and/or tweeting about a different show, all at once.

Another convenience is the ability to pause a video from the lock screen or notification tray on your Android device, a handy feature if there's a knock at the door or other such incident that demands your near-immediate attention.