Huawei’s Tron Micro-Console Takes on Ouya with NVIDIA Tegra 4-Powerd Mini Mac Pro-Like Design

Ouya has yet another competitor in the micro-console category. During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week, Chinese hardware maker Huawei had on display Tron, a tiny console that resembles a shrunken Mac Pro that's powered by NVIDA's Tegra 4 System-on-Chip (SoC). Though small in stature, Tron is supposedly capable of playing PlayStation 3 games.

That's according to various reports in Chinese media, where the Ouya competitor is receiving its share of hype. In addition to PS3 games, overseas reports claim Tron is capable of playing PC and Nintendo DS games. It's not clear how the console goes about all this, especially since PC, DS, and PS3 games aren't all made the same way.

Huawei Tron

Game play claims aside, Tron sports 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal NAND flash storage, a microSD card slot hidden beneath a door on the bottom, your typical networking technologies (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an Ethernet port), HDMI output, headphone output, and a customized version of Android.

The Tron controller looks similar to Ouya's except it features a larger trackpad in the middle. Huawei uses Bluetooth technology to connect the controller to Tron, while a cable plugged into the console's micro USB port charges it.

Huawei's goal is to launch Tron in China later this year for under $120.
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