Huawei W1 Brings Windows Phone 8 To Walmart Stores

Windows Phone is still struggling mightily to make meaningful gains in the U.S. market, and if there's one thing that'll help, it's getting more WP8 phones into more stores. And Walmart is a pretty meaingful store. Huawei isn't a major name in the U.S. arena, at least in terms of consumer devices, but the company is bringing its W1 to U.S. shores in an effort to get a foothold while also advancing Microsoft's mobile OS.

The W1 will ship with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1.7GB of user-accessible space, a microSD slot, a 4" IPS LCD, and a 5MP rear camera. It's loaded with Windows Phone 8, and will ship unlocked in prepaid form on and in select Walmart stores. There's no mention of a price just yet, but it should be priced "competitively."
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