HTC To Provide Handset Buyers With 5GB Of DropBox Cloud Storage

Cloud storage used to be a far-fetched concept that wasn't used too often outside of the enterprise. Boy, has the world changed in recent years. Now, cloud services are hitting the mainstream, with Amazon Cloud Drive, iTunes in the Cloud and Microsoft's SkyDrive all aiming for average, everyday people. With a growing swath of Internet users, there are more opportunities for people to store and consume content in the cloud, and even phone manufacturers seem to be getting in on the fun.

HTC has reportedly landed a deal with famed cloud storage locker DropBox in order to bring 5GB of free storage to each HTC phone owner. That's pretty impressive given that the existing free offering to folks who sign up for DropBox is just 2GB. It's not entirely clear if existing owners will be eligible, but the newly announced HTC Rhyme -- as well as forthcoming Android handsets -- will be given a bonus 3GB of storage.

The deal is expected to become active in October, and we're guessing HTC won't be the last to hop on this bandwagon.
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