HTC Thunderbolt Gets New Froyo Update, But It Kills Mobile Hotspot

Good news and bad news this weekend for HTC Thunderbolt owners on Verizon Wireless. The good news, per usual, shall come first. That involves a new firmware update (still Froyo) that's being pushed to handsets as we speak. It improves data connectivity, enhances the Call History view, reduces the amount of device power cycles / resets, improves Bluetooth Discovery mode pop-up windows, enables a people search function and includes View App Menu in tabbed layout.

So that's the upside; tons of improvements and bug fixes. But there's a downside to installing the update as well. For one, the free mobile hotspot feature dies entirely. Also, the update adds a number of "bloatware" programs such as V Cast Music and V CAST Videos. Are you willing to give up something to get something? We can't say it'll be a tough choice, but at least you know what's at stake when that OTA update gets pushed down.