HTC Q3 Earnings Show Big Boosts In Shipments And Profits

Quarter-end earnings reports have been rolling out profusely over the past week or so, and HTC's keeping the profit wheel turning with their latest results. The Taiwan-based smartphone maker saw net income soar to NT$18.68 billion (around $624 million)in this quarter, which represents a 68% increase over Q3 2010 and a 7% jump over last quarter. Last quarter, if you'll recall, is a quarter where HTC saw "record profits," so yes, they're setting new records this quarter.

Revenue was also on the rise, surging 79% to NT$135.8 billion (around $4.5 billion), as the company boasted about "strong brand recognition, leading product portfolio and expanded distribution channels." Smartphone growth is soaring all across the globe, and HTC's well-positioning to bite into much of that pie as the overall market explodes. We suspect this kind of rapid growth will continue for many quarters to come, but the real question is this: what does HTC do to keep these earnings soaring when smartphone saturation really begins to have an impact? Adapt or die, right?