HTC Bids Farewell to Physical QWERTY Keyboards on Smartphones

For those of you who collect outdated electronics and currently own an HTC brand smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard, hold onto the thing, it could very well be the last of its kind. At a press event in Seattle recently, HTC's Creative Director, Claude Zellweger, reportedly told attendees that his company is finished building smartphones with physical keyboards, or they're at least nearing the finish line.

"As a company, the QWERTY keyboard we're moving away from in general," Zellweger said, according to MobileBurn. "We feel that putting too much effort into that would take away from our devices."

Rather than focus on continuing to implement physical keyboards on certain models, HTC believes advances in haptic feedback technologies that works in conjunction with virtual planks offer more promising solutions. Equally important in HTC's decision to abandon physical keyboards is the belief that it would hamstring the company in terms of upcoming designs, especially as devices are become thinner.

Do you agree with HTC's decision or are you a staunch QWERTY advocate in the smartphone space?