HTC Aria Update Flips Android 2.2 Froyo

Can you feel the love, AT&T subscribers? You should, because HTC just kicked out an update that upgrades the Aria to Android 2.2, otherwise known as Froyo. This marks the first time AT&T has updated Android software on more than one device in a month, and who knows, maybe it's a trend that will continue now that Apple's once monogamous relationship with Apple's iPhone 4 is suddenly polygamous.

Updating the Aria smartphone to Android 2.2 requires a "Hard Reset and anything that is NOT part of the Operating System (applications downloaded from Android Market, SMS/MMS, email, etc.) will be permanently deleted," HTC warns. So in other words, be sure to backup your data before flipping the switch to Froyo.

The Froyo update introduces several new features, including:
  • App Sharing -- allows you to share an application via Bluetooth, Friend Stream, email, etc.
  • Google Search Latitude -- see your friends' locations and share yours with them.
  • Navigation -- Google's GPS app.
  • Places -- search and find restaurants, coffee, bars, hotels, etc.
  • Videos -- links directly to videos that have been taken with the camcorder
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot and USB Tethering -- use the Aria as a mobile hotspot for up to 8 devices or connect a PC using the Aria's data connection. Requires a separate data plan.
You can download the update here.