HTC A9 Aero Sparks Clone Wars With iPhone 6-Inspired Design

HTC is having a terrible time keeping its One A9 handset under wraps. There have been several leaked photos to hit the web, including a set of press renderings that show a colorful lineup and, more recently, some shots of the actual phone, albeit a so-called dummy unit that's used for display in stores.

Twitter user @OnLeaks posted the most recent photos, which show the One A9 (codenamed HTC Aero) from various angles, including both front and back shots. As we've seen before, the One A9 looks a lot like Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s smartphones, save for the software (the One A9 is very much an Android handset).

HTC One A9

HTC designed with One A9 with curved edges on the corners and side, along with a pair of inlaid wireless antennas running along the top and bottom. However, it's not a carbon copy of the iPhone 6/6s. The rear camera sits in the center instead of off to the corner, and the home button is oval, not circular.

You can also make out SIM card and microSD card slots on the side of the One A9, the latter of which is something all iPhone models lack. Same goes for carrier branding -- there's an AT&T logo on the bottom of the device's backside.

HTC is likely to announce the One A9 on October 20 during a scheduled press event. It's been sending out invites to members of the press stating, "Meet the Marshmallow from HTC."