HSTi Wireless Media Stick Frees Your Media Streamer From Wires

Up until now, having your favorite media files on your PC accessible by your media player connected to your HDTV has been a pain. For those with wireless media streamers, it was possible to stream content from the PC to the streamer to the TV; for those without, you had to connect an external storage device of some sort in order to play back anything. As easy as connecting a USB hard drive is, the problem is that your media is now in two places: your PC and your USB HDD. Each time you add a piece of media to your PC collection, you have to manually transfer that piece to your external drive. Not the slickest of processes, as you can imagine.

Rather than forcing you to go out and buy a new media streamer with wireless capabilities built in, HSTi has introduced the Wireless Media Stick. This simple USB dongle essentially adds a wireless connection between your standalone media streamer and your Wi-Fi enabled computer (where your media files are). The great part is that the USB stick can be connected to pretty much any kind of TV-connected player with a USB port, so your new Blu-ray player may also be able to accept programming with no wires. You can even plug this into digital photo frames with USB ports in order to stream photo slideshows right to the device.

We're told that it's compatible with pretty much every AV device that supports the playing of media over USB, though exact details haven't been released. Unfortunately, neither have a price or release date, but the company should make both of those points clear as CES gets going later in the week.