HP's Zeen Tablet Gains Android 2.2

The HP Slate remains somewhat of a mystery; while it was briefly introduced at CES awhile back, HP changed their tone afterwards and noted that it would be more of a business tablet than anything else. Interestingly, there's yet another HP tablet on the market today, but it's one that most people don't even consider: the HP Zeen.

The reason being is that the Zeen ships as part of a printer package from the company, with the Zeen being the most exciting part of the Photosmart eStation. Not that printing pamphlets isn't exciting, but we're guessing a tablet is just a little more enthralling. That debate aside, the Zeen just gained a lot of functionality today with the addition of Android 2.2. Upon shipping, the tablet was stuck with Android 2.1, but not, reports are coming in that a beta version of Froyo is now available to end-users.

That means that the Zeen can now play back Flash content, and it's also speeding things up. If you've got a Zeen, your weekend just got a lot better. Enjoy it!