HP's V5020u 1080p Pocket Camcorder To Rival Flip Video Range

HP is definitely more well known for their netbooks, notebooks and all-in-one PCs, but when the world needs more camcorders, why not join in, right? Just as we have witnessed in the tablet sector, the pocket camcorder craze has exploded, leaving tons of companies following the path created by Pure Digital's Flip Video line.

The new V5020u is a brand new 1080p pocket camcorder that does essentially the same thing as the other contenders. It's designed to be extremely small and portable, making it easy to lug around and have on you for those unexpected moments when life throws something at you worth recording.

It ships in a nice two-tone color scheme, with a rear LCD and a few primary buttons: record/stop recording, tools, mode and a 4-way selection switch to control playback direction. As for specs, there's a 5MP sensor, support for 1080p recording, 10x digital zoom, motion detector and an SDHC slot. It should ship this October for $159.
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