HP Slate Reportedly Shipping "by September"

If the latest reports turn out to be true, then Hewlett Packard might be doing a huge favor for Apple. According to Spanish paper Clipset, worst case scenario is that HP won't be shipping its Slate tablet until September, by which time Apple's iPad would have about a 5 month head start.

We probably won't have to wait quite that long, but whether or not the Slate ships before the tail-end of summer remains to be seen. Loosely translated, Clipset claims the official launch is scheduled for June and that units will arrive in Europe "before September." What that means for the U.S. market isn't yet known.

We'd be a little surprised if the Slate slipped that long, especially with the way HP has been promoting its upcoming tablet. The OEM recently posted a video touting its tablet while taking subtle jabs at Apple's iPad.

The other big question is how much HP's Slate will cost. According to Clipset, the Slate will run about €400, which works out to about $540 in American greenbacks.