HP's Pivot App Makes Enjoying Your Future TouchPad Even Easier

Hmm, Pivot. We kind of like that name! And if you're planning to own an HP TouchPad when they ship this summer, you'll probably dig it as well. HP just announced webOS Pivot for their upcoming slate, providing users an entertaining and informative editorial resource for discovering webOS 3.0 applications for the HP TouchPad, which launches July 1. Designed to complement the HP webOS App Catalog, Pivot will showcase a broad range of applications – and the developers who create them – by providing customers the freedom to explore based on their interests and lifestyles.

In other words, this will help you find things relevant to your interests. Consisting of original content by journalists and photographers affiliated with leading publications, Pivot will include visually driven editorial pieces, columns from notable guest writers sharing their perspectives on digital culture, feature stories focused on applications around specific topics, and in-depth reviews. It'll publish initially for English, French, German and Spanish languages and will be updated over the air directly to all HP TouchPad customers.

Not a bad start for apps given that the TouchPad isn't even out yet, but it'll be that launch basket that really makes or breaks the deal.
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