HP's "PalmPad" Trademark Fuels Speculation

A community based website dedicated to the HP Mini, HP Slate, and Compaq mini series of netbooks produced by Hewlett-Packard discovered a recent trademark filing by HP, which might reveal what the OEM plans to call its upcoming tablet. The trademark is for PalmPad, a fitting name considering HP's recent acquisition of Palm.

Ever since HP canceled its Windows 7-based 'Slate,' there has been a ton of speculation that the OEM would focus its attention on a webOS-based tablet, a notion that was later confirmed by HP, who said it planned to build both tablets and netbooks around its newly acquired mobile OS.

While HP hasn't said anything official since then, the trademark discovery certainly seems to suggest the company is on track, and apparently already has a name picked out. Of course, we can't ignore the resemblance to the 'iPad' name, but hey, that's something we're just going to have to get used to, with the WePad, EeePad, and probably several more whatever-Pads in the pipeline. And here's a protip to the first company who releases a supersized tablet: 'MaxiPad' is already taken.