HP’s Budget-Friendly 15.6-inch Pavilion Gaming Notebook Delivers Skylake Power And GTX 950M Graphics

HP expanded its gaming laptop selection today, announcing that the Pavilion Gaming notebook will be joining its well-received HP Omen. The new laptop takes aim squarely at casual gamers by providing reasonable gaming hardware at a more tolerable price.

HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook 01

Where the HP Omen starts at nearly $1,500, the new Pavilion Gaming notebook is expected to start at $899.99 when it becomes available on November 8th. The new notebook has a dark grey or black chassis, but loads of green LED lighting give it a decidedly gamer look. It has a 15.6-inch, HD display at the starting price, but you’ll be able to bump up to a full HD IPS display with touch if you’re willing to pay more.

As for its guts, the Pavilion Gaming notebook is clearly not in the same league as the HP Omen. Still, the system looks on paper like it should be able to handle today’s games at reasonable settings. The laptop features Nvidia GTX 950M graphics and an Intel Core i5 processor for starters, with a Core i7 CPU as an option.

HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook 02

HP says the system will have up to 16GB of system memory and up to 2TB of storage, with several options for both, including SSDs on the storage side. Given that the Pavilion Gaming notebook’s price is its most eye-catching feature, we’ll have to reserve judgement on the new system until we have a better picture of what hardware the $899.99 model starts with – and until we’ve put the system through its paces with our benchmarks.

HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook 03

Still, the Pavilion Gaming notebook is intriguing. It’s reasonably thin at 1.13 inches, though that’s a little thicker than the HP Omen’s 0.78 inch chassis. It weighs in at 5.46 pounds, which is heavier than the Omen, but not bad for a gaming laptop. HP says the HD version of the laptop will offer 8.15 hours of battery life, but gaming will likely pare that number down quite a bit. In any event, we’ll soon know: November is right around the corner.
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