HP Z820 Teardown Shows Why Desktop PCs Still Rule the Roost

There's not a gadget in the world the folks at iFixIt can't tear into, though some are definitely easier to disassemble than others. Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones tend to be difficult to surgically operate on, and even some hybrid laptops can give users fits if there's a need to service or a replace a part. On the opposite end of the spectrum are desktop PCs and iFixIt's teardown of HP's Z820 workstation reminds us why we love this category so much.

Back in December, iFixIt tore into Apple's cylindrical shaped Mac Pro, which earned an 8 out of 10 "Repairability Score" for being surprisingly modular and easy to disassemble. That's a great score, though not as stellar as the one HP's Z820 received.

HP Z820 Drive Bays

The Z820 is HP's flagship workstation. It offers users tool-free access to parts inside an expandable chassis. Usually iFixIt sources devices itself, but this time, HP offered to send a Z820 for the purposes of a teardown, which the OEM configured to be as close to the Mac Pro's $3,000 price tag as possible.

From start to finish, everything came apart easily. Not only that, but once you pop the side panel off, you'll notice a map of the motherboard etched on the inside. It's a treasure trove of information that shows where everything is located and even the proper order for loading RAM.

HP Z820 Parts

When the dust settled, iFixIt awarded the HP Z820 a perfect 10 out of 10, noting that it's "insanely modular" and has lots of room for upgrades. It also worked in the Z280's favor that several parts can be pulled without a screwdriver, including the power supply, hard drives, optical drives, PCI expansion cards, motherboard, and more.

Check out the teardown on iFixIt's website for the full monty.