HP Takes #1 Spot From Dell In US PC Shipments

It's not like Hewlett-Packard has never trumped Dell before in PC shipments, but the back-and-forth has continued today with the newest computer shipment reports. According to Gartner Incorporated's freshest analysis, HP has snagged the number one spot in domestic PC shipments from Dell, who had most previously held the crown.

The report noted that Dell's shipments in the United States dropped 16.3% to "just" 3.9 million in the first quarter of 2009, while during the same period, HP's shipments grew 11.1% to 4.2 million units. On a global scale, Dell's shipments also sank 16.9% compared to last year to 8.8 million units, which places it in a "virtual tie" with Acer for the silver medal. As for HP's worldwide presence, it saw unit shipments creep up 2.6% to 13.3 million during Q1 2009.

Across the industry, shipments of PCs were down 6.5% for the quarter at 67 million units. Mikako Kitagaw, principal analyst at Gartner, had this to say about the overall industry: "Low priced mobile PCs continued to be the growth driver for the PC industry in most regions. However, we anticipate a sharp decline in industry revenues due to the lower average selling prices of these devices."

In our view, both HP and Dell are well positioned to take advantage of low-cost notebook demand; Dell has its Inspiron Mini line, and HP has those incredibly popular Mini Note machines. To us, we'd love to see the battle shift from bottom line pricing to features. Haven't we seen enough netbooks with a 1.6GHz CPU, 160GB hard drive and integrated graphics?
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