HP Sure View Displays Adopt 3M Privacy Tech To Shield Your Laptop From Nosy Onlookers

Let's say you're writing a message to that fine-looking lady or fella you swiped right on in Tinder. Suddenly, your friend starts peeking at your message over your shoulder. What do you do? HP has got your back. The company’s Sure View tech, which was originally developed by 3M, shields your laptop from nosy onlookers.

Makoto Ishii, Vice President and General Manager of 3M’s Display Materials and Systems Division, stated, “Designed with more than 20 years of 3M optical films technology experience incorporated into the privacy screen, HP Sure View helps address the concern of protecting sensitive information through a world-class solution tailor-made for open work environments and for the mobile worker.”

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Sure View embeds a filter that was invented by 3M (yes, the same company that makes scotch-tape). This extra layer dims the screen slightly in normal use and even more so in privacy mode. The layer also decreases the viewing angle by cutting off-axis visibility on the devices. If you are not looking at the laptop head-on, you will be unable to see what is occurring on the screen. The filter can be activated by simply pressing F2.

Flexible filters from 3M have been available for years. Customers can buy a filter that slips over a laptop screen and prevents anyone who is more than 35 degrees off center from viewing the contents of the screen. These filters, however, tend to get dirty and wear out over time. Sure View is the first time HP has incorporated this technology into the device itself.

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Unfortunately, Sure View currently only works on TN (twisted nematic) style screens. However, HP claims that it is working to incorporate Sure View onto IPS (In-plane switching) screens. Sure View is currently available on the HP EliteBook 1040 and the EliteBook 840.
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