HP Starts School Early With New Pavilion Laptops

Man, talk about depressing. Some students aren't even out for summer break yet, and already Hewlett-Packard is issuing systems for next school year. For whatever reason, the HP Pavilion dv2z and the Pavilion dv6t notebooks are ushering in what we can only imagine to be the summer leg of year-round school, with the former checking in at least than 1-inch thick and boasting a 12.1" LED panel. Furthermore, it packs an optional Blu-ray drive, 500GB HDD, a dual-core AMD CPU, discrete graphics and a starting tag of $599.

The dv6t (starts at $649) arrives with HP's own MediaSmart software, a 16" LED display, HD playback support and a separate numeric keypad. Furthermore, there's the HP Pavilion dv6z Artist Edition (starts at $949), which is shown above and below and includes all of the features of the HP Pavilion dv6z plus the winning design from the 2008 HP MTV Notebook Design Contest. Lastly, the thin-'n-light HP Pavilion dv3t (starts at $649) weighs under 5 pounds, sports an integrated optical drive and longer-than-average battery life. Each of the machines are available to order and customize today.