HP Spectre: Is This The Next-Gen Ultrabook?

It's no surprise that a ton of PC makers have some things up their sleeves. After all, CES 2012 begins next week. But it looks like HP is getting a jump on the others, with the Spectre being teased ahead of the show's official start. Ultrabooks got their start late last year, but it's pretty clear that CES 2012 will be the real launch pad for the next wave of them. The Spectre looks to be about as thin and light as they come, and while the teaser doesn't give up much, there does seem to be a lot of focus on glass (the display?). It looks like there's a display output and a couple of USB ports in the tease, but otherwise, your guess is as good as ours. Reports are stating that the official reveal will happen later this week; keep your eyes peeled for more.