HP Reveals Its Playbook For Windows 10's July 29 Kickoff

Just a day after Microsoft announced system requirements for the upcoming Windows 10, HP assured customers that its current PC lineup is ready for the new operating system.  Microsoft recently confirmed that latest version of Windows will be available for PCs on July 29. Anyone using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will be eligible to upgrade free to Windows 10.

HP is ready for Windows 10 PCs, it says.
The Start Menu is back in Windows 10.

“Working closely with Microsoft on Windows 10, we designed our 2015 portfolio of products to be ready for Windows 10,” said HP Customer Experience and Portfolio Strategy manager Mike Nash in a blog post. “Given the normal planning and release cycles for our products, we didn’t know exactly when Windows 10 would ship, so we planned our entire 2015 portfolio to be Windows 10 ready even though some of these products would initially ship with Windows 8.1, and in some cases Windows 7.”

HP’s support for Windows 10 on existing devices means users should be able to buy HP systems now, rather than wait, if they so choose, writes Nash. “If you are in the market for a PC now – for back-to-school or because your old one wore out – you can buy any of HP’s 2015 PCs and know that it was tested to upgrade to Windows 10." 

Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 July 29. HP says any 2015 systems from it will support the new OS.

Customers will be responsible for managing the upgrade themselves, although subscribers to HP’s support service SmartFriend can let a technician handle the upgrade. Even so, installing Windows 10 looks like it will be a fairly easy procedure for most users. Microsoft has already contacted many users by putting a small Get Windows 10 program in the notification area. (You can check your PC for it by looking in the notification area for the Windows logo.) Give Microsoft your email address and your PC will automatically download Windows 10 when it’s ready, then give you control over when the installation begins.