HP Reports Second Wave of TouchPads Coming

Amazon's Kindle has been booted out of the top spot among electronics best sellers by a device which has been, basically, sent to the scrap heap: the HP TouchPad. The 16GB and 32GB versions are in the top spots among Amazon's electronics best sellers.

 Amazon.com itself is sold out of the device by now, but some of its third-party Marketplace vendors continue to sell it at nowhere near the price of that HP is using to clear out its now forsaken tablet, at $99 for 16GB and $149 for 32GB.

HP said last Thursday that it was halting manufacture of its tablet, but that it would continue work on webOS, in hopes of licensing or selling the IP.

Amazing as it is that HP's tablet would wind up atop a best-sellers list, HP also has some other amazing news: the company announced that a second wave of webOS TouchPads would be coming later this week. It did not specify further than that. The company did create a page that users could use to sign up for an email alert when the items are back in stock.

How many, and when, remains to be seen, but online deals forums are saying that Wednesday will be the day. According to one, retailers and HP.com have confirmed that to be the date.

It seems that the U.K. will join in on the fire sale fun, as well: U.K. retailer Dixons has confirmed pricing of £89 for 16GB ($146.50) and £115 for 32GB ($189). Better grab one before they disappear!