HP Offers Free Apps to TouchPad Owners

HP dropped a bombshell on consumers with last week's TouchPad $99 firesale, and now the company is going to sweeten the deal by giving away six free apps for the tablet.

The TouchPad has certainly gained some popularity after being snatched up everywhere by deal-hungry consumers, having sold out at many locations causing HP to send out more shipments of the device. Now, it seems that HP wants to generate some good-will from those sales by offering six free apps to TouchPad owners that normally sell for as much as $14.99.

The six free apps  are:

  • Glimpse (Inglorious Apps, $5, injoj55410gavxv): Amp up your TouchPad multitasking to 11 using this customizable and addictive split-screen interface.
  • Kung Fu Panda 2 Storybook (zuuka, $2.99, eotss76676jjzqr): Enjoy images and voices from Kung Fu Panda 2 right on your TouchPad.
  • Big Boss (Fair Play Labs, $1.99, vfimk09918lngoz): Design your “ 
    Boss” – a gigantic monster – and attempt to defeat the brave heroes and powerful wizards of WackyLands.
  • Sparkle HD (10tons Ltd., $4.99, pweuq32135vrbhx): Save Crowberry Woods in this TouchPad version of the popular desktop game.
  • Camera for TouchPad (Keen Studios, $0.99, rijon62171nhvtu): Start snapping away, with options for managing your photos and using them with other TouchPad apps. 
  • Audubon Birds (Green Mountain Digital, $14.99, jjiox66488ddnik): This searchable digital field guide to North American birds offers stunning photography and thrilling (trilling?) bird songs.
Those funny strings of characters after the prices are the promo codes users will have to enter after clicking the app titles.

To those that were lucky enough to grab a TouchPad after they went on sale, enjoy!
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