HP Introduces Multi-touch Laptop

Ever since Apple developed its multi-touch controls for the popular iPhone, many manufacturers have been taking notes. HP is one of them. Today, HP unveiled its first touchscreen convertible laptop that targets consumers. 

The new HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC incorporates multi-touch technology, which lets you manipulate applications, videos, music, and photos using a stylus or multiple fingers. Because the laptop recognizes input from more than one finger at a time, users can flick, pinch, or rotate objects using finger controls. 

Like other convertible tablets, the TouchSmart tx2 has a twisting hinge that lets you rotate the display to use the notebook as a tablet, or can be left alone and used as a conventional notebook. The TouchSmart tx2 also has a rechargeable digital ink pen that you can use to write or draw on the screen. 

The entire TouchSmart family of PCs is designed to enable finger controls, such as swipes or taps. The TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC has a starting weight of less than 4.5 pounds and a 12.1-inch BrightView LED display. The notebook uses Advanced Micro Device Inc.'s Turion X2 Ultra dual-core processor or AMD's Turion X2 dual-core processor, and runs on Windows Vista. The starting price for this notebook is $1,149.

We’re definitely seeing more and more devices, tablets included, that offer multi-touch finger controls. Apple certainly has created a buzz about mutlitouch. It will be fun to see how other manufacturers continue to incorporate and add to this technology and usage concept.  What type of finger controls would you like to see in the future?