HP Firebird PC Features NVIDIA SLI, Hybrid SLI +

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA—JANUARY 6, 2009—A host of state-of-the-art technologies from NVIDIA are featured in one of the most innovative performance PCs ever created: the HP Firebird with Voodoo DNA, debuting at CES.

 Striking a critical balance between performance and energy efficiency, the HP Firebird offers stunning graphics and CUDA™ performance in a sleek new desktop design. The HP Firebird features dual NVIDIA® GeForce® 9800S MXM 3.0 modules which are one-fifth the size of typical graphics cards and use approximately one-half the power. Together, they are designed to deliver lightning-fast performance in HD resolutions while reducing size, power consumption and noise. The GPUs can dramatically accelerate applications such as gaming and video transcoding which are written to take advantage of a CUDA-based GPU2.

NVIDIA Hybrid SLI® technology featured in the HP Firebird can shut down the GeForce GPUs for less intensive applications to help save power. This technology combined with HP’s factory-sealed liquid cooling can ensure that the HP Firebird runs quietly and efficiently. HP encased these technologies in a striking and compact design that would be a showpiece on any desk.

 “The HP Firebird is one of the most innovative and versatile performance PCs ever created. It’s an engineering tour-de-force that could only be accomplished with GeForce GPUs, NVIDIA SLI, and Hybrid SLI,” said Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of the GeForce Business Unit at NVIDIA. “These technologies give the HP Firebird extraordinary capabilities in a remarkably compact design.”

“The cutting-edge design of the HP Firebird uses several innovations from NVIDIA to make it one of the world’s first hybrid high-performance PCs,” said Rahul Sood, chief technologist for the Voodoo brand in the Personal Systems Group at HP. “In a market full of gas-guzzling SUV gaming PCs, we designed a high-performance PC that sips power. This is one of the first desktop PCs that combines NVIDIA SLI with Hybrid SLI to enable screaming performance when you need it and energy efficiency when you don’t.”

        NVIDIA technologies in the HP Firebird include:
  • Dual GeForce 9800S MXM 3.0 GPUs with 128 parallel processing cores deliver incredible visual computing performance
  • NVIDIA CUDA technology accelerates a host of applications such as video editing and video transcoding
  • NVIDIA SLI technology provides an awesome gaming experience at HD resolutions
  • NVIDIA PhysX® technology for breathtaking realism in games like Mirror’s Edge
  • NVIDIA Hybrid Power technology enables the GPUs to quickly shut down without logging off, to conserve energy during less-intensive applications
  • High-quality video playback with NVIDIA PureVideo® HD technology, which offloads 100% of all video processing from the CPU to the GPU
  • Support for advanced audio and video connectivity, including uncompressed LPCM 7.1 audio, dual-link DVI, and HDMI

The HP Firebird is scheduled for release on January 9, 2009.
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