HP Creates Converged Cloud Division As Connected Services Explode

There's just no escaping the cloud. Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Google, and a host of other major players in the enterprise and CE spaces have already dived headfirst into cloud hosting, and it looks as if HP isn't going to simply rely on third-party companies for its own. The company has just created a new business unit, called Converged Cloud, which will be responsible for managing its "cloud computing offerings." Reportedly, the division will be creating and defining HP's cloud-related hardware, software, and services. It'll also oversee "market efforts and coordinating a network of partners."

Saar Gillai has been named the leader of the unit, previously serving as VP and GM of Cloud Networking. He'll be tasked with reporting to HP's COO, Bill Veghte, but it's unclear what specific impact the unit will have. Still, it's not hard to imagine. Localized storage is quickly becoming an implementation of the past, with availability of files anywhere that there's an Internet connection serving as the access method of the future. HP's enterprise arm is likely to tap into these new resources more often than the consumer units, but don't be surprised if HP's numerous laptops and tablets begin to ship with an HP-branded cloud storage solution to rival things like SkyDrive and Dropbox.