HP CEO Meg Whitman Says They Are “Shifting Resources From PCs to Tablets”

Just days after HP announced its entry back into the consumer tablet market, CEO Meg Whitman has confirmed there's a change going on within the company that will allocate more resources for tablets. During the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, Whitman said, "We're shifting resources from PCs to tablets."

Whitman also acknowledged the market focus on tablets saying, "The market moved very fast to tablets and smartphones, and we've got to now manage that transition." She continued by explaining that HP tried to manage that transition through the acquisition of Palm but instead took "a little detour to nowhere" under the previous management.

HP likes to claim innovation is part of the company's makeup. Whitman echoed this focus, saying "Innovation is not dead at this company. So, what I did is I increased RD spending...we have to get these products that are close to market to market fast." To that end, HP has accelerated next-generation servers and accelerated its first enterprise tablet. Whitman said she feels confident the company can grow again in 2014.

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